End of the Crazy Season and the Beginning of a New Year

If you have never been to Jeffreys Bay during December you have been missing out on one of the greatest shows on earth. December is summer break with everybody on holiday and thousands descending on the coastal areas for fun in the sun by the sea. The sleepy little town of Jeffreys Bay with a population of 15,000 swells to a crazy 120,000 with all the resultant chaos of traffic snarl-ups, queues at all the supermarkets, restaurants and liquor stores.

Accompanied by the increase in the noise factor generated by this additional 100,000 people who one would think come on holiday to relax and unwind after a long hard year of slogging in the salt mines, but no it’s party time and the drinking and barbecuing start at 10 in the morning and continue until 2am the next morning when the clubs and bars close. Luckily our “At the Beach” apartment acommodation is secluded and private and although right on the beach you do not have people on either side so you can escape from the noise to your own private sanctuary. 

December produced 7 good days of surf unusual for summertime but of course the crowds in the surf increased as well, everybody wants to surf JBay.