During July, August and September this year the on-shore days NE to SE were on average only 16% (5days), in comparison to the same months last year which were 33% (10 days).

This meant that out of approximately 90 days 75 were off-shore making for excellent surfing conditions. August had 14 days and September 10 days which were surfable which meant that had you booked for 3 days you should have got at least 1 day of good surf, not bad odds.

Weather patterns are changing every year making weather forecasting ever more difficult as it is based on historical data models.

We are heading into what looks like a hot summer stretching right through to April so start planning your next surf trip to JBay now to pick the plum days. Tip – look at the 3 days either side of the full or new moon ie. spring tides.

With December and Christmas practically upon us the town is gearing up for the influx of holiday makers who flock to the coast, most accommodation establishments are already fully booked with a few places left here and there.

One of the quieter small beaches during December

One of the quieter small beaches during December.